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After passing our smart test you will know your proficiency level. These levels serve as a guide to assess and measure language proficiency, allowing you to track your progress and set goals for further improvement. Depending on the result, you will prove that:

A1 learners can understand and use simple, everyday expressions in Russian. At A1 level you are able to comprehend and communicate when the other person speaks slowly and clearly. You can handle basic social interactions, such as greetings, introductions, and exchanging simple information.
A2 learners can make themselves understood using commonly used, simple phrases in routine situations. At A2 level you have developed a slightly wider range of vocabulary and can express basic needs and preferences. You can participate in simple conversations related to topics like personal background, hobbies, and daily routines.
B1 learners have advanced in their language skills and can easily converse with native Russian speakers on familiar topics. At B1 level, you can communicate with a degree of spontaneity and fluency. You possess a broader vocabulary and can express opinions, give reasons, and provide simple explanations. You can understand the main points of clear and standard speech or text related to familiar subjects.
B2 learners communicate fluently and spontaneously in Russian. At B2 level, you have a solid grasp of the language and can understand the central theme of complex texts and topics. You can engage in discussions and debates on a wide range of subjects, expressing opinions and ideas coherently. You can also navigate through professional or specialized areas of your field with relative ease.

C1 learners can express themselves fluently, spontaneously, and in detail on various topics. At C1 level, you possess expert knowledge of the Russian language and are capable of understanding implicit meanings in texts. You can produce well-structured, coherent, and extended speech or writing. You can easily comprehend complex texts, including abstract and technical subjects, and engage in nuanced discussions.

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Russian language proficiency certificate

How to get an online Russian language certificate?

If you've ever considered obtaining a certificate to validate your Russian language skills, now is your chance to take a free online test on TESTIZER and see how you fare. There are multiple reasons why having a certificate confirming your Russian proficiency can be beneficial.

Firstly, many employers require evidence of your Russian language abilities, and a certificate can fulfill that requirement, opening up more job opportunities for you. Secondly, our certificates hold international recognition and do not expire, enabling you to showcase your skills in the Russian language at a global level and enhance your competitiveness in the international business arena. Lastly, a proficiency certificate can serve as a valuable addition to your portfolio, allowing you to boast of your Russian language proficiency.

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Benefits of an online Russian language test

You are not restricted in any way
You are not restricted in any way
Online Russian tests provide the flexibility of choosing when and where to take the test. You can take the test at home or at a coworking space, without being restricted to specific test centers.
You enjoy the convenience of the process
You enjoy the convenience of the process
Online Russian tests by TESTIZER are available 24/7, allowing you to select a time that suits your schedule. You are not bound by the operating hours of test centers, giving you greater convenience and control.
You get results at once
You get results at once
With traditional paper-based tests you have to wait for the results, TESTIZER delivers results right after you pass the test. Your results are automatically generated and sent to your email, providing you with instant feedback. An organization or an employer can verify the legitimacy of a TESTIZER certificate using its unique number and QR code.
You save your money
You save your money
Online tests are more cost-effective compared to traditional tests. We eliminate additional expenses associated with getting to a testing center or printing test materials. This affordability enables you to assess your Russian skills at a reasonable price.

Why take an online Russian language test with a certificate?

Testing is training
Testing is training

Testing can be a valuable practice opportunity. The main purpose of testing in Russian is to prepare for specific exams, or immigration. Adequate preparation involves taking multiple Russian tests beforehand. Russian tests assess our aptitude for success in Russian exams. Once you complete the TESTIZER test, your score will be immediately shown to you. Strive for a high score by taking as many mock online Russian exams with certificates as possible!

Testing is learning
Testing is learning

Testing involves acquiring knowledge about a language. Through testing, testers gain a deeper understanding of grammar, and its exceptions. This understanding allows them to identify potential gaps in their knowledge: During testing, testers often come across vocabulary that they were not aware of previously.

Testing is enjoyable
Testing is enjoyable

While it may be subjective and vary from person to person, but testing involves identifying and solving problems, which can be intellectually stimulating and satisfying. It requires critical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills to pass a Russian language test.

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