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Italian language proficiency test with a certificate: Competente (C2)

At C2 level your comprehension of both spoken and written material is quite advanced. You can easily condense data from multiple spoken and written sources and communicate the information in a sensible and organized manner. Your expression is natural and fluid with the ability to recognize subtle differences in meaning in more complex conversations.

You are able to bring up difficult topics of discussion in a pleasant yet professional way, picking up on colloquial references and handling disagreements and critiques in a polished and diplomatic manner. During formal conversations on intricate matters you make well-informed, convincing statements on par with other participants. Additionally, you are able to answer hostile questions with poise and rebut counter-arguments in a tactful way.

You are able to successfully accommodate complex or delicate interactions in professional, academic and public environments. You can engage in an effective dialogue, arranging the speech and communicating proficiently as both speaker and listener, without any detriment to other parties. Furthermore, you are competent enough to adequately use telecommunication for both personal and work related matters regardless of unwanted interruptions and even if interlocutors have less predictable accents.

Time limit
25 min
25 questions
0 - 25 points
Read before starting the test!
The test consists of 25 questions. Each question has multiple possible answers, only one of which is correct.
Do not use the “Back” button in your browser, because you cannot change the answer once you have clicked on the “Next” button.
You can pause the test by clicking on the “Pause” button. Please note that the test will be paused only after the answer to the question has been submitted.
Once the time is up, all the answers that you haven’t managed to submit will be counted as incorrect.