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Why do you need to take online exams with a certificate?

Test your skills and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
Make yourself more noticeable with a certificate of achievement and enhance your professional status.
Add a certificate to your job application or social profile (like LinkedIn) and get more job offers.
Test your skills and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.Make yourself more noticeable with a certificate of achievement and enhance your professional status.Add a certificate to your job application or social profile (like LinkedIn) and get more job offers.

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Benefits of free online certifications

Our tests are created to meet international standards. Language skills tests are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
The online test is much faster: just take a laptop (tablet, smartphone, etc.), connect to the Internet - and voila! Completing the whole test takes only 25 minutes of your time.
Our multiple-choice free online test with a certificate can be taken entirely online, you don’t need any additional hardware, as microphone or speakers.
Get your personal certificate to an email after the completion of the online test. It will be immediately delivered, so you can print it or post it on social media right away.
Do not waste any more time! Start your exam, answer 25 questions and find out a result immediately!
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How can I check if the certificate is valid and not forged?

We take the authenticity of our certificates very seriously. That’s why we provide the online verification. On this page you can verify if a Testizer certificate is valid or not by entering the certificate holder’s name and the certificate number. For quick access, you can point your phone camera at the certificate’s QR code.

About our free language skills tests

There is no fee for taking a test and no limit to the number of attempts. Take the test as many times as you want at no extra cost.

We test your skills using real questions from the international exams. Our online tests include sections in grammar, reading, and vocabulary. Each test has 25 questions. Read carefully and answer each of them.

After you take an online test, you will get a score. You also get some idea of what that score means in terms of a language proficiency level such as "Elementary" or "Advanced". A wide variety of systems are used around the world to assess language proficiency. Tests vary widely and can be linked to uniform systems of corresponding levels either explicitly or implicitly. Some level systems are based on a specific language test, while others are not linked to any specific test at all.

All TESTIZER online tests are based on the European Framework. Different levels of the test mean different levels of difficulty. If your ultimate goal is to get officially certified, the tests are a great first step because they will give you an idea of how the system works and what questions you can expect. Take a free online exam and get certificate right now!

You can use your exam certificate online to your advantage, when applying for a job, for example.

TESTIZER certificates are recognized worldwide and you can use them in any way you want: make a part of your portfolio, post online, or print out and present at a job interview. TESTIZER online test is completely free and you get as many attempts as you want.

What does the score mean?

What does the score mean?

After you pass the test, you get one of 6 results:

A1 – Elementary: you can read texts at the basic level and translate them using a dictionary. Vocabulary: <1500 words.

A2 – Pre-Intermediate: Your knowledge is below average. Vocabulary: 1500-2000 words.

B1 – Intermediate: you can maintain a dialogue on everyday topics, your knowledge level is intermediate. Vocabulary 2000-3000 words.

B2 – Upper-Intermediate: you can watch films without subtitles or dub and understand most dialogues. Vocabulary: 3000-4000 words.

C1 – Advanced: your are at a high level of language proficiency. Vocabulary: 4000-5000 words.

C2 – Proficient: you understand speech/text and can speak fluently. Vocabulary: >5000 words.

Take an online test and get a certificate to find out your level!

Why do you need to determine your proficiency level?

There are 3 main reasons for taking an online proficiency test on TESTIZER.

See if you reached your goal

If you don't set specific goals for yourself, the learning outcomes will always be fuzzy and unattainable. Such goals as "to speak more" and "to improve the grammar" are abstract.

But the goal to reach the Intermediate level is a clear benchmark, it can be checked with free certification exams online. It is also important to take tests regularly to check your skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, so you can fill in the gaps on time.

Choose the Learning Materials

An accurate test helps to select the appropriate textbooks, because each publication has its own specifics, even within the same knowledge level. All in all, you will be able to learn a language much more effectively if you know your strengths and weaknesses.

After your level has been determined you should take a look at the way you got to this level of proficiency and find out how comfortable you would be to continue with it. If you are not satisfied with the result, it might make sense to change the tactic.

Track the dynamics of learning

Every potential student should personally evaluate their educational process, and make changes to it if necessary.

The test allows to design an accurate program of study, to assess your own strengths, which can be given less attention, and the gaps that need to be filled first.

Knowing that you are moving forward in learning a language (filling the gaps in vocabulary and grammar, beginning to consciously express their thoughts), even if sometimes slowly, but moving, is always very motivating.

Do not waste any more time! Start your exam, answer 25 questions and find out a result immediately!
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