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Spanish language proficiency test with a certificate: Elemental (A1)

At A1 level, your ability to understand and utilize common, daily expressions and extremely basic phrases will enable you to meet basic needs. You can present yourself, other people and opine on personal details, like where you live and the people you know.

Your potential to participate in a simple talk over a conveniently comprehensible theme (ex: your nationality, family, school) is there, as is your ability to introduce yourself and others, to use basic greetings, expressions and farewells, inquiries relative to the people's well-being and reactions to news.

Furthermore, you can also demonstrate a limited capacity to express likes and dislikes towards several topics like sports, food, etc., provided that the other person speaks gradually and explicitly. The individual at this level is able to comprehend questions and instructions provided to them by speaking slowly and deliberately. They are able to comply with straightforward commands, such as those pertaining to time, place, and quantity. Furthermore, they are capable of both making and fulfilling requests.

Time limit
25 min
25 questions
0 - 25 points
Read before starting the test!
The test consists of 25 questions. Each question has multiple possible answers, only one of which is correct.
Do not use the “Back” button in your browser, because you cannot change the answer once you have clicked on the “Next” button.
You can pause the test by clicking on the “Pause” button. Please note that the test will be paused only after the answer to the question has been submitted.
Once the time is up, all the answers that you haven’t managed to submit will be counted as incorrect.