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The Adobe Photoshop practice test by Testizer is industry-recognized. It effectively validates your skills at the graphic design and photo editing software.

The total of 25 questions covers every aspect of working in Photoshop. The complexity of the questions is diverse: there are elementary tasks - on the knowledge of the simplest commands and actions, there are more difficult ones.

The test is designed to identify the depth of knowledge of the program as a whole and if you work only with certain aspects of it, you might need to study a bit beforehand.

Many practicing professionals might be surprised that they can not pass the test on the first try. Answering some questions does require serious training! This ensures that only those who have mastered the program can actually get a certificate.

If you are ready to get a certificate, now is the right time to do it!

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How to become Adobe Photoshop certified?

You must pass an exam. The good news is that you only need to take the exam once. Your certificate will have no expiration date.

Testizer is one of the leaders in online testing. Our certificates are recognized by well-known companies in more than 70 countries and are a weighty factor in employee hiring.

Adobe Photoshop certification exam by Testizer gives you the opportunity to confirm your competence and get an international certificate which will help you achieve your career goals, give you a competitive advantage to build your confidence, prove your professionalism in a competitive job market. A Testizer certificate holder is recognized as a specialist who possesses in-depth knowledge and certain skills essential to the profession.

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Benefits of Adobe Photoshop
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You can take the online Photoshop certification exam from anywhere in the world. Just pass the test and the certificate is yours!


The exam is not conducted by an employer or a training center. The Testizer exams are designed directly by professionals and take place on an independent platform.


With the Adobe Photoshop practice test, you confirm practical and theoretical skills. This eliminates a random result. Your certificate is the exact guarantor of your competence!


Testizer tests are recognized worldwide, each certificate has its own ID in an international registry. Certification helps you launch an international career. Employers and institutions can verify the validity of TESTIZER certificates thanks to their numbers and QR codes.


Testizer certificates do not expire. Once you have passed the test, the certificate becomes permanent. You can use it in your portfolio or simply show it to your friends and family.


The Photoshop certification practice test is not particularly difficult. This test tests how well you work with the program. The exam includes multiple-choice questions about the software.

Why do you need to become
Adobe Photoshop certified?

The Internet consists of texts, images, and videos. And if you learn to work with at least one of these components professionally, you will always be in demand as a specialist in your field. And here is why you should take a Photoshop exam by Testizer.

Photoshop from Adobe is one of the most popular among graphic editing professionals of all image formats. Specialists working in the field of computer design and having this certification are much more valued in the job market.

Adobe Photoshop is a multipurpose program that is a leader in the graphics and design industry and has almost limitless possibilities. And the Adobe Photoshop certification test will help you create greeting cards, collages, banners, covers, web page templates, retouch photos, and more.

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is in demand in many industries. Employers and clients are looking for workers with the technical knowledge and ambition to create content. A certificate draws attention because it shows that you have proven your skills. If you have a certificate and can work with the world's most popular and powerful image editing tool you have a chance to be hired by the biggest companies around the world.

Certification gives you recognition and boosts your portfolio in the eyes of employers.

Adobe Photoshop certification exam is essential, as no designer today works without it. And advanced tools for working with graphics become much easier to master after you pass the certification.

When considering how to get a certificate, it quickly becomes clear that there are a lot of benefits associated with it. Given the ease, affordability, and many other advantages associated with certification, getting a Photoshop certification is a good idea and it is more than worth the effort.

Testizer is a fully independent company. This means that our tests are compiled without regard to marketing strategies and similar promotional moves, and you can be sure of their objectivity.

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