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Basic computer skills test online

What is a basic computer knowledge certificate?

Nowadays, everybody needs to have a good understanding of how to handle information safely and how to use that information effectively. You can confirm that you have basic computer skills by passing an exam on TESTIZER and getting a basic computer training certificate that proves it!

Anyone from a child to a senior citizen can take the test. It is even suitable for beginners who have never worked with a computer or know only the limited functionality of modern technology. The exam includes questions on the features of programs, installation and removal of programs, work in popular text and image editors, creation of documents, computer protection against viruses, use of the Internet, and much more that can be useful to the average user.

The test is put together by professionals who know how to check users’ knowledge of all necessary information in an easy-to-understand manner. The test can be taken in a relaxed form, which allows you to quickly and accurately get the necessary knowledge.

A basic computer knowledge certificate that you will receive after taking the test shows your competence in:

  • Computer literacy basics: working with computers and mobile devices, using basic programs and applications, using the Internet;
  • Information literacy, data skills: browsing, searching and filtering content, critically evaluating information, checking the reliability of sources and facts;
  • Problem-solving in the digital environment and lifelong learning: searching for information and services to solve technical problems, using Internet resources to learn, develop professional skills and self-development;
  • Security in the digital environment: protection of devices and network connectivity, security of personal data and privacy, protection against fraud and manipulation;
  • Communication and interaction in the digital society: distribution of content and data exchange through digital technologies, communication in the digital environment, network etiquette;
  • Digital content creation: creating, editing, and integrating digital content, copyright and licenses, and basic programming skills.
Computer skills certificate

Why get a basic computer certification?

Getting a basic computer knowledge certificate online will give you comprehensive information about the areas of computer knowledge you need to sharpen your skills in.

Your overall level of literacy and your level on each of these items will be reflected in the certificate you will receive after taking the test.

The test has questions on:

  • Basic computer literacy;
  • Information and media literacy, knowing how to work with data;
  • Digital content creation;
  • Communication and interaction in a digital society;
  • Security in a digital environment;
  • Technology problem-solving;
  • Lifelong learning in a digital society.


A computer skills certificate comes in handy for employment for anyone who needs computer skills - that is, most office workers. Office managers, accountants, content managers and copywriters, account managers, call center operators, and even novice IT workers can attach the certificate to their resumes to better represent themselves in the job market.

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Benefits of basic computer courses


Basic computer courses will help you make sure that you can handle the technology that is rapidly making its way into our lives. Computer skills are as basic a necessity as tying your shoelaces. 


Computer courses will provide you with a wide range of competencies, from digital technology and programming to hacking and identity theft protection.


Computer courses will give you new opportunities and positions, as there is an urgent need for competent users with the ability to use gadgets and Internet services. All TESTIZER certificates contain an ID number and a QR code that enable an institution or an employer to verify the certificate.


Basic computer courses are actually fun but theory without practice is null. So you’d better test your computer skills, and TESTIZER exam is just what you need.

Why do you need a computer knowledge certificate?

Our world has long ago crossed over to a new stage of development: new software and new types of industrial automation, technical equipment, gadgets, and other complex devices appear every day. Homes have become smart and now are one big ecosystem that serves our everyday lives, and smartphones have become our guides to the world of digital media content.

In the early 1980s, as the digital revolution began, companies everywhere started to move from analog to digital technology and the industrial era came to a close. Work processes were automated, people were replaced by robots, and some employees were laid off, but others stayed and adapted to the changes.

It is becoming clear that computer skills are not just about how to use your computer or smartphone to watch videos on the Internet.  

It is time to join the new era and become a confident user. Take the test right now and find out how good are your computer skills with a basic computer skills certificate.

Think you do not need such a test? Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you know how to work with digital products - for example, with an operating system or a text editor?
  • How easy is it to work with digital devices, like a phone, printer, or smart home?
  • Can you easily send a photo or video to your friends, edit a picture or create a mock video?
  • Can you think critically and analyze information from social media and video-sharing sites?
  • Can you protect your personal data, stored logins, and passwords from hacking, theft, and phishing?


If you answered yes to all of these questions, your level of computer skills is very high! If, however, the answer is no to most of these questions, you may need to sharpen your skills and the online basic computer courses with certificate are the perfect way to find out exactly what knowledge you are missing.

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