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After passing the test on TESTIZER you will get a certificate in German proficiency with one of the following results:

A1 - Communication skills are developed at a basic level. You are able to use everyday phrases and expressions, can read and understand short signs, can formulate simple questions and understand answers to them if people express their thoughts clearly and without hurrying, without complicated grammar and speech patterns. You can use and understand no more than 1500 words.
A2 - You can talk about simple topics (family, work, school, friends, shopping). In ordinary situations of daily life, you are able to maintain a simple dialogue. Reading and understanding small texts is easy. This German certification test result means that you know 1500-2000 words.
B1 - This is the intermediate level at which you can watch movies without subtitles and understand most dialogues. You can maintain a conversation discussing everyday situations and events. You can express your own judgment, formulate opinions on complex topics, read and understand a short instruction, and compose a short letter or essay on some topics. You can use 2750-3250 words.
B2 - Above average German. You can maintain a conversation on an abstract topic or related to your professional activities. Can converse with a native speaker without any difficulty, and understand various TV programs. You can write an essay or letter on a topic that you are not familiar with. You know 3250-4750 words.
C1 - Anyone at this level can easily communicate on any topic with a native German speaker. They express thoughts freely, without overthinking the choice of words. Can easily understand films, even when slang and strong language are used in dialogues. You can write structured, thorough, and coherent texts on any topic, including academic ones. Can participate in active correspondence on any topic. You can correctly use 3750-4500 words.
C2 - This result in a German certificate online test means that you are fluent in the language. Can instantly understand any information by hearing and during reading. You can summarize information easily, and immediately formulate and express personal opinions. You comfortably use and understand more than 4,500 words.
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German language proficiency certificate

How to get an online German certificate?

Anyone who has ever studied German, at least once has undoubtedly considered obtaining a German language certification online to prove their proficiency. There is nothing stopping you, get German language certificate online on TESTIZER right now.

Your German language proficiency certificate will have no expiry date. A bar chart shows your degree of German proficiency. This document has been signed and is official. Also, your certificate is printable and can be shared on any social network. When submitting an application to a university, you can use this certificate to demonstrate your German language level. When submitting a resume for employment, you can include your certificate in your portfolio. The TESTIZER German proficiency certificate won't just sit on a shelf, it will undoubtedly be useful.

Answer 25 questions.
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Pay for your certificate
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Benefits of an online German test

Available to everyone
Available to everyone
You can take the test on any device: computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is Internet access. You will test your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, reading skills, etc.
Free of charge
Free of charge
You don't need to pay anything for the test. There are no registration fees. You'll get the results automatically by email.
The online test is based on the official European Framework. Different levels of the German CEFR test mean different levels of difficulty. Each TESTIZER certificate has a unique number and a QR code which allow an institution or an employer to check the authenticity of a certificate.
The result you get will give you the most accurate level of German proficiency. You will know your strengths and weaknesses, and what you have to improve.

Reasons to take an online German test
with a certificate

  • Test is exercise

Preparing for an exam is the main reason for taking tests. It is always vital to prepare in advance by taking as many tests as you can, whether it be for a school exam, a college diploma, or any independent language assessment (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). Many experts claim that rather than measuring intelligence itself, intelligence tests actually evaluate our capacity to pass them. The same is true for German tests, which gauge our capacity for passing them. You will be able to immediately see your score after completing the TESTIZER test. Take as many attempts as you need to achieve the highest score!

  • Test is education

Because of how the human memory operates, we are most adept at recalling information that we previously failed to remember. And when you take an online German certification test, that's what happens! You go over words and grammatical structures that you may have once understood. They will be ingrained in you permanently if you can recall them when taking a test. Because you can evaluate and update your language skills, taking a free online German test is an excellent way to learn the language, and improve reading/listening skills. You see results right away. Additionally, you receive feedback on your mistakes.

  • Test is enjoyable

Who doesn't enjoy taking online tests? It's quick and effective, but it's also a simple and enjoyable way to test your knowledge. The top free German proficiency test online with a certificate is provided by TESTIZER. To earn your certificate, you simply need to accurately respond to 11 out of the 25 questions. As long as you are self-assured and focused on your objectives, this is not difficult.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits, so why wait? Click the “Start test” button and put yourself to the test! You will be able to get a certificate right after that, print it or share on social media.

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