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What is a Google Ads (Adwords) certification exam?

Adwords certification exam is an online test that proves that the professional has sufficient knowledge and competence and that the client can trust them with their project. Due to the growing importance of the platform, the job of a Google Advertising specialist is now considered a separate profession, and a certificate from TESTIZER will be useful both for beginners and experienced users. By taking the Google Ads exam you prove that you can:

  • Independently choose the best format of advertising in Google for your business;
  • Make a plan of placement of search advertising, taking into account the needs of the client;
  • Plan to attract clients and expand your current base;
  • Increase interest and loyalty to the product from the existing customer base;
  • Effectively spend the budget provided for search advertising.

The questions of the exam are designed so that you can show what you know how to choose the right advertising format for your business goals and plan your budget, create and optimize advertising campaigns, choose a display strategy and use intelligent bid assignments, and work with different types of targeting audiences. There are many theoretical questions in the exam, which are designed to test your understanding of the processes involved in preparing to run ads and selecting the right tools.

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Google Ads certificate

Why get a Google Ads certification?

An Adwords certificate has the same purposes as any other certificate on the Internet. It is important for any person to have a good resume. Even if you are a business executive, you should still take care of your resume, because you may be of interest to partners.

Let's say a potential partner, after finding your brand, decides to type a query into Google. Going to your website, and reading more about the brand, he'll start looking for proof of your professionalism. But for big investors and long-term partners, reviews aren't usually enough. They want to know: have you created a successful company yet? Have you achieved great results? Are there any certifications? You need all of this to know if you're doing the right thing.

If all of this information, in an accessible way, is presented in the resume, both win.

A good, well-written resume with certificates is the key to success in the entrepreneurial world.

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Benefits of Google Adwords certification practice test


Google Ads certification practice test opens up great prospects, and advertising promotion with its help is the right strategy for starting a business. This approach will set you apart from thousands of other companies building their promotion tactics on other platforms. The test to become Google Ads specialist certification has a threshold of entry, and that's a good thing. It's not so high that you can't pass it if you really understand how Google services work and have entrepreneurial skills. But it's also not so low that everyone can pass it.


The Google Adwords certificate is proof of the value. The customer already understands at the first stage of familiarization with the brand or product that it is worth paying attention to and spending time on. Passing the Google Adwords test and getting a certificate will take your company and you as an entrepreneur to the next level. It works better than any other certification, even in countries that have their own main search engine with their own certification system. It's all thanks to Google's fame.


Another important benefit of certification is another opportunity to advertise yourself. If before, you have branded yourself as simply “professional”, now you will be able to say that you are certified and clients are really drawn it this. Employers and institutions can verify the validity of TESTIZER certificates thanks to their numbers and QR codes.


Having a Google Adwords certificate on your resume indicates that you are truly dedicated to your chosen niche; you've taken the time and effort to research aspects of your business in detail; you have a good work ethic and meet at least the minimum requirements.


Each of TESTIZER certifications can be useful for improving your marketing skills. It used to be that you had to take the Google Ads basics exam and any other exam of your choice to become fully certified. Today, you only have to pass 1 test, so it makes sense to put certification on your list of priorities. This gives a great chance of successful business promotion in the future. 


Google Adwords certification exam is a powerful social proof of your knowledge. It's just like a recommendation from a well-known professional in a particular field. It can complement other certificates and diplomas, making you a reliable professional. Now that you know how to get Google Ads certification, do not waste time and take a test now!

Why do you need to become Google Ads certified?

In 2021, the digital advertising industry reached $153 billion. Of which, $67 billion came from Google Adwords. Experts expect that by 2030, industry revenue will grow by more than 70% to $260 billion. Google Adwords fundamentals exam is a great way to start, allowing you to stand out in an endless sea of people who work with Google. Stand out not by controversial statements, but by the fact of confidence in the world's most famous search engine service. And all you have to do is answer 25 questions!

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