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What is a Google Analytics certification exam?

The purpose of the Google Analytics certification exam is to check how well you know the service and its functionality. All TESTIZER exams are free and available to everyone. As practice shows, experienced marketers have no problems with the tasks, but beginners need to work hard before they pass the test.

If you are a beginner, then we advise you to study before taking the test, navigate the Google Analytics functions and reports. The TESTIZER has made sure that most of the exam questions are not duplicated, so you will not be able to pass it without the necessary knowledge.

The main topics of the Google Analytics exam include:

  • The service's working interface - sections, settings, etc.;
  • All the attribution models and the difference between them;
  • The sources of traffic and what their differences are;
  • How to build reports;
  • E-commerce.


The Google Analytics certification takes place directly on the TESTIZER platform. TESTIZER allows you to take a quick test and get a certificate without any hustle. Ready to test yourself? Start the Google Analytics certification practice test right now!

Google Analytics certificate

Why get a Google Analytics certification?

Why might you need a Google Analytics certificate? Here are several reasons:

  • A Google Analytics certificate proves that you are qualified to create, launch and manage campaigns and give personalized advice.
  • As a rule, employers of large companies choose certified specialists. The availability of a certificate can be a decisive factor when hiring.
  • The certificate will be a great addition to your successful cases if you are planning to start promoting web resources on your own. It demonstrates your professionalism, thereby increasing the trust of potential clients.
  • Preparing for the Google Analytics exam will help you to pay attention to a number of points of the service that, for whatever reasons, have been skipped before.


Let's go a little ahead and imagine that you passed the exam and received a certificate. Make the most of it! Download the certificate you received and post it on your website and social media accounts, attach it to your portfolio when you're looking for a job, or hang it next to your workplace.

Please note: the Google Analytics certification is free and valid forever, there is no need to retake the exam.

Take a 25-question test
Take the test
If the result is satisfying, order the certificate.
Pay for your certificate
Check your E-Mail to download your certificate.
Get your certificate
Go through the result, retake the test if you dislike it.
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Benefits of Google Analytics certification practice test


Data analysts are in demand. As society becomes more data-driven, companies need people who can make sense of the numbers, and they're willing to pay more for the right person. The average business analyst's salary is from $60,000 to $72,000. Some positions pay significantly more, and there is really no ceiling. Data analyst certification can help you break into this lucrative field or enhance your level in your current role.


Data analytics has a wide range of applications, and there are plenty of jobs available. However, when you apply for a job, you must have certifications that prove your knowledge and skills. Data analytics certification is a popular certification offered by professional institutions to get top-notch jobs in the data analytics industry. Exceeding the career opportunities in data analytics, the demand for certified professionals is also growing.


Google Analytics helps you figure out if your investment in contextual ads is profitable. The system will determine the number of times an ad is shown, the number of clicks, CTR, and the average price per click. You'll see which campaigns are effective and which are not. There is no wonder why so many people want to find out how to get Google Analytics certification. Employers and institutions can verify the validity of TESTIZER certificates thanks to their numbers and QR codes.


Most likely, while you are preparing for an exam, you will discover many useful little things that you can use in your work that almost no one knows about simply because they have never looked into them. You'll understand how Analytics works, how data is processed, how to better structure accounts and other useful basic stuff. You'll navigate reports faster and get the data you need. And, of course, the certificate. It's nice to be able to call yourself a certified professional.

Why do you need to become Google Analytics certified?

Do you want to have a data analyst certification? If you do, all you need is to take the TESTIZER test, and it doesn't really matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, everybody has a chance!

Why Analytics is so popular? It helps to find out the number of visitors to the site who clicked on each advertising and non-advertising channel, as well as the number of people who registered on the site and left an order. You can get these statistics for every city in every country.

In addition, there are more than 200 other parameters of the system, which can be analyzed. These are keywords, ads, campaigns, devices from which visitors to the site went online, demographic characteristics of users, etc. Using this information, you can find bottlenecks in the sales funnel and fix them.

Google Analytics is a powerful service for analyzing websites, used by beginners and professional marketers alike. Nowadays, getting a certificate is the best way to prove that you can professionally work with this service.

It's important to understand that the certification tests your knowledge of all Google Analytics tools and reports, not just those created directly for advertising. That's why we recommend studying the reports and analytics tools with help and training from Google - it certainly won't be superfluous.

Don’t beat yourself up if you need several attempts, especially if you are a beginner. Even if you are already familiar with most of the information in the test, revise beforehand, as the wording and concepts Google uses today may be different from what you are used to.

Now that you know how to get Google Analytics certified, do not waste time. Start the Google Analytics practice test now!

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