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After taking our 20-minute test you will know what proficiency level you are at (it is important to note that these descriptions are general guidelines and one must take into account individual differences and learning speed):

At A1 level, a person has basic knowledge and can communicate in simple everyday situations. They can understand and use simple sentences to exchange information about themselves and others. Communication is mainly simple and limited.
At A2 level, a person can communicate in familiar situations involving simple and direct information. They can talk about everyday topics and have elementary conversations. However, vocabulary and grammar are still limited, and complex expressions or longer conversations are challenging.
At B1 level, a person can express themselves relatively fluently in everyday situations. They can talk about personal experiences, opinions, and plans. Vocabulary is expanded and grammar is more solid. It is possible to understand longer texts and have simple discussions. However, complex conversations and specialized topics are still difficult.
At B2 level, a person has already acquired good language skills. They can understand complex texts dealing with a variety of topics and participate fluently in conversations. They can also express their opinions and present arguments. Vocabulary is ample and grammatical errors occur less frequently. However, finer nuances and abstract topics can still be problematic.
At C1 level, a person has already reached an advanced level of language proficiency. They can speak almost fluently and understand complex texts, even on specific or technical topics. They can participate in discussions, express themselves clearly and precisely, and express their opinions in a differentiated manner. Vocabulary is extensive and grammatical errors occur only occasionally.
At C2 level, a person has a native-like command of the language. They can communicate effortlessly in any situation and understand even the most complex texts and conversations. Mastery of the language is perfect, and subtle nuances, cultural references, and abstract topics pose no problems. Vocabulary is broad, and grammatical errors are extremely rare.
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Business English language proficiency certificate

How to get an online certificate?

Everyone who learns English for business has probably considered getting a certificate to prove their knowledge at some point in their career. If you have thought about it or would like to do so, you can try your luck right now with a free online test from TESTIZER! There are several reasons why it may be useful to get a certificate that confirms your Business English proficiency level.

Firstly, many employers require proof of Business English proficiency. A certificate can serve as one such proof and help you qualify for more job opportunities. Secondly, our certificates have no expiration date and are internationally recognized. This can help you demonstrate your Business English skills on a global scale and be more competitive in the international business sphere. And thirdly, a proficiency certificate can be a useful addition to your portfolio and help you document and improve your Business English skills.

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Benefits of an online Business English test

Our online Business English tests are available 24/7. You can take the test at a time that is convenient for you, without having to adhere to test center hours. Each TESTIZER certificate has a unique number and a QR code which allow an institution or an employer to check the authenticity of a certificate.
Online Business English tests by TESTIZER offer flexibility in terms of time and location. You can take the test from the comfort of your home or at a location of your choice, without being tied to specific test dates or test centers.
Immediate results
Immediate results
Unlike traditional paper-based tests, our online Business English tests give you instant results. After you complete the test, your results are automatically generated and displayed.
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
Online tests are less expensive than traditional tests because there are no additional expenses for traveling to the testing center or for printing test materials. This allows you to test your Business English skills at an affordable price.

What is the purpose of taking an online Business English test with a certificate?

Testing is practice

The act of testing serves as a form of practice. The primary motivation for taking Business English tests independently is to prepare for an independent language examination like BEC or TOEIC. It is crucial to adequately prepare by taking numerous Business English tests in advance. Just as intelligence tests gauge our ability to pass such tests rather than our actual intelligence, English tests also assess our capacity to succeed in English exams. Once you complete the test, your score will be immediately displayed. Aim for a high score by taking as many mock online Business English exams with certificates as possible!

Testing facilitates learning

Human memory requires constant training. By taking a proficiency test we refresh the vocabulary and grammatical structures that we may have once known. If we recall them during a test, they will remain ingrained in our memory forever. Therefore, a free online Business English test serves as an effective method for learning the language as it allows us to evaluate and update our skills in grammar, reading, and listening. Immediate results and feedback on areas for improvement are provided.

Testing is enjoyable

Who doesn't enjoy free online tests? We provide the finest free Business English test accompanied by a certificate. It is a fast and efficient process that is also simple and enjoyable! You only need to answer 11 out of 25 questions correctly to obtain your certificate. This is not a challenging task if you possess confidence and a goal-oriented mindset.

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