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After passing the test on TESTIZER you will get the result from HSK 1 to HSK 4 proving that:

HSK 1 – You can understand and use everyday Chinese expressions, very basic vocabulary and short phrases. You can introduce yourself or others, ask and answer simple questions about personal details such as the place of leaving, circle of friends, things you are keen on. You can engage in a dialogue with a person or group of people who speak clearly, understandably, slowly and are willing to prompt you.
HSK 2 – You can understand and use the most common Chinese expressions and sentences related to areas of most immediate relevance (very basic personal and family information, geography, employment, shopping). You can communicate with people in simple dialogues on everyday topics. Such dialogues are usually a direct exchange of information. You can describe in simple terms aspects of someone’s background, immediate environment and areas of immediate need.
HSK 3 – You can understand the main points of dialogues on familiar topics such as work, leisure, study, and so on. You can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where Chinese is spoken. You can produce simple connected texts on familiar topics or of your personal interest. You can give reasons and explanations for your opinions and plans. You can describe experiences and events, your dreams and hopes, ambitions.
HSK 4 – You can understand the basic ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics. Technical discussions in your area of specialization do not seem difficult to you either. You can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. You can produce a detailed and clear text on a wide range of topics. You can explain your point of view by emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of various things.
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Chinese language proficiency certificate

How to get an online certificate?

Every person studying Chinese has probably thought about certifying the level of the knowledge. You have definitely had such thoughts if you are learning a language. So what stops you from implementing these ideas? Try your hand at an online free Chinese test on TESTIZER right now!

It is an official document with a signature. The certificate has no expiry date. Your proficiency level is visualized by a bar chart. The certificate can be printed or posted on any social network. You can use this certificate to prove your Chinese language proficiency when applying to a university, you can attach your certificate to the resume when applying for a job, to your application for a salary rise, or to your personal portfolio.

The certificate by TESTIZER will definitely be an excellent investment in your future and will meet your expectations.

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Benefits of an online Chinese test

Our online proficiency test shows your level of knowledge of the Chinese language in correspondence with Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), the internationally standardized test of Chinese language proficiency.
You can take our free test as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with the result. An organization or an employer can verify the legitimacy of a TESTIZER certificate using its unique number and QR code.
The online Chinese proficiency test was made by methodologists and specialists with Linguistics degrees in Oriental languages.
The results of our online Chinese proficiency test are processed by a computer program. This type of processing eliminates any errors that a human could make.

Why do you need to take an online Chinese test
with a certificate

  • Taking a test is training

You can take your Chinese test over and over again because it's free. This will help you to recognize your progress in language learning. Thanks to this repetition, you will understand when you should move to the next level. You can also test your proficiency in all aspects, including grammar, reading, and listening. You'll get a feedback and information on the Chinese language skills you need to improve.

  • Taking a test is experience

Passing tests that were created to assess knowledge of the language provides a tangible experience. If you are preparing for a Chinese proficiency exam, taking our test beforehand is an excellent practice. Whether it is a college diploma, school exam, or a very serious independent language exam such as HSK, It’s always essential to prepare in advance by passing as many Chinese language tests as possible. In addition, instant results and a certificate is a huge bonus.

  • Taking a test is enjoyable

Is there a person who doesn't like taking online tests? It's very fast and efficient. In addition, this is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to test your knowledge. The Chinese proficiency test will take you no more than 25 minutes, and after that it will certainly please you with a beautiful certificate, which will certainly find its use, for example, at the workplace.

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