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After passing the test on TESTIZER you will get the result from A1 to C1 proving that:

A1 – At this level you can understand everyday expressions, basic sentences and keywords. Also, you can identify a topic of the conversation. You can read short expressions and sentences. This proficiency level is required for basic communication. At this level you are familiar with about 1,500 Czech words. If you can briefly introduce yourself, talk about your family, ask for directions in the street or read some advertisements – your level is A1.
A2 – If your Czech proficiency level is A2 you can already be involved in basic conversations. You know how to say more about yourself and to find out more about the person you are talking to. You can describe, in simple terms, aspects of your background, immediate environment and matters in need of attention. You can read and understand a short text in the Czech language. At this level your are familiar with about 2,000 words. if all of the above is about you - your level is A2.
B1 – At this level you can express yourself in the past, present and future tenses. You can comprehend and write long paragraphs. You can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered at work, school, during leisure time, etc. Your vocabulary consists of 2,500-3,000 words. So if you can watch and understand some movies and TV programs, can communicate about various topics – your level is B1.
B2 – At this level you can produce clear and detailed text on a wide range of subjects. It’s not hard for you to explain viewpoints on topical issues giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. You can also discuss topics connected to the particular professional field and use specific terminology. At this level you are to be familiar with 3,000-4,000 Czech words. So if you can easily discuss abstract topics and are able to explain, support and defend your opinion, you are a B2 user.
C1 – At this level you are already close to the perfect language comprehension. Your vocabulary consists of 4,000-5,000 Czech words. You can take part in any spontaneous dialogue and write complicated essays. Also you are able to understand non-adapted movies that contain slang. You can express yourself fluently and spontaneously without obvious searching for expressions. So if you can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes - your level is C1.
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Czech language proficiency certificate

How to get a free online Czech certificate?

If you are reading this now, then most likely you have succeeded in learning Czech. Then why not take our test and prove your knowledge? Put aside whatever you’re doing and get the opportunity to check your Czech language on our website. The test will not only help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses of the language aspects, but it will also please you later by providing a beautiful and advantageous certificate!

What certificate are we talking about? Now we will tell you in more detail... Our certificate has no expiry date. Your Czech proficiency level is visualized by a bar chart. This is an official document with a signature. You can use this certificate to prove your Czech language proficiency when applying to a university. You can print your certificate or post it on any social network. It is also possible to confidently attach your certificate to your resume when applying for a job, to your application for a salary rise, or to your personal portfolio.

Such a certificate will definitely justify itself over time. Don't wait too long, take action!

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Pay for your certificate
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Benefits of an online Czech test

It is free of charge
It is free of charge
You don't have to pay anything for the test. There are no registration fees. You'll get the results by email right after passing the test.
It is expertly made
It is expertly made
The online test was created by methodologists and specialists with Linguistics degrees. An organization or an employer can verify the legitimacy of a TESTIZER certificate using its unique number and QR code.
It is accessible
It is accessible
You are able to take the TESTIZER test as many times as you wish until you get a satisfactory result.
It is highly standardised
It is highly standardised
Our online test shows your proficiency level according to CEFR (an international standard for describing language ability).

Why do you need to take an online Czech test with a certificate?

  • Testing is a boost of your language skills

The Czech proficiency level is determined by several criteria: reading, listening, speaking and writing. These are linguistic aspects that people who study Czech work on. However, over time, many people forget to develop certain language aspects. Others simply lose some skills and their language  level is slowly going down. TESTIZER just offers to find out your level and see the aspects that are worth working on. It's fast and efficient, but at the same time easy and fun!  

  • Testing is enjoyable

If you are working hard to learn the Czech language, take a break with our Czech test which will determine your level of the Czech language proficiency. The test from TESTIZER is fun and fast. All you have to do is set aside your business for 20 minutes and answer 25 questions. The assignments are made interesting thanks to our experts. So refer to our materials to pass the time with benefit!

  • Testing is practice

Passing the Czech proficiency test is the right step for everyone who wants to succeed in learning the language. It is always important to pass as many proficiency tests as possible before any language exam. Language proficiency tests are created by experts not only to measure your language competence, but also for you to learn from your mistakes, which you will see after the test. The test shows you in which areas you can and should work, which is very convenient.

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