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The level of language proficiency is determined by taking qualification exams or tests, which are conducted according to the methods developed in the European Union. After passing the test on TESTIZER you will get one of the following levels of proficiency:

A1 Elémentaire - This level allows you to communicate on simple everyday topics (how to introduce yourself and your family, how to express simple requests, ask simple questions), to maintain the simplest dialogue. At this level, you also learn phonetics and basic grammar.
A2 Pre-Intermédiaire - On this level, everything becomes more complex due to an increase in vocabulary and communication topics (travel, shopping, job search). New grammatical rules such as the future tense of verbs and comparative forms of adjectives are studied. The skills of understanding simple and everyday speech are developed, and the skills of writing simple letters and filling out standard documents are acquired.
B1 Intermédiaire - There is a gradual transition from pattern topics to the independent use of language through the use of conversational phrases and lexical constructions already studied. The vocabulary expands. The person begins to understand free speech on arbitrary topics, reads easily adapted literature, and watches films and TV programs.
B2 Intermédiaire avancé - Here, you develop skills in the construction of complex grammar and vocabulary in the French language. At this stage of learning, you have the opportunity to express your thoughts in a foreign language in a free form. Communicative abilities - fluent speech, free reading, conversations, and dialogues on professional topics - increase. In order to learn the language in-depth, the B2 level is sometimes also divided into two levels - B2 and B2+. In this case, the student develops their speaking skills further by extending the range of topics and accordingly increasing the vocabulary.
C1 Avancé - It is the proficiency level at which you can read French literature, namely primary sources, communicate fluently with native speakers and understand their speech, and use in your everyday speech specific phrases and idioms of the language.
C2 Avancé-superieur - The final stage of learning the French language. This level gives you good knowledge of the language, the possibility of speaking on any topic chosen, and a full understanding of what is read and said. Level C2 allows you to work as a translator or teacher.
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French language proficiency certificate

How to get an online French certificate?

When we start learning a foreign language, we usually set a specific goal - what we need the language for. Someone wants to communicate on a tourist trip without an interpreter, someone needs to conduct business negotiations with partners in their native language, and there are people who simply want to read foreign literature in its original language. If that is something you've thought about or would like to do, there's nothing stopping you from getting a French language certificate online on TESTIZER right now!

The TESTIZER certificate has no expiry date, you can print it or post it on social networks. You can use your French language certificate of proficiency to prove your level when applying to a university or looking for a new job. The certificate by TESTIZER will definitely come in handy and won’t gather dust on the shelf.

Finish a 25-question test.
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Check your e-mail to get your French proficiency certificate online.
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Benefits of an online French test

You can take the TESTIZER test as many times as you want until you get a result that is acceptable for you.
 High standard
High standard
Our online test shows your French proficiency according to the CEFR.
The results of the online test are processed by a computer program, which eliminates human error.
The online test was created by methodologists and specialists with Linguistics degrees. Every TESTIZER certificate contains a number and a QR code that enable an organization or an employer to verify the certificate's legitimacy.

Why do you need to take an online French test with a certificate?

  • Testing is training

You can repeat your French test for free as much as you want. You will also see how you have improved your French over time. Our free test will help you choose the level of French you want to begin with. Test your proficiency in all aspects, including grammar, reading, and listening. You'll also get feedback and information on the French language skills you need to improve.

  • Testing is probing      

Tests need to be taken by both children and adults to understand what they already know and what they need to focus on to improve their writing or speaking skills. It often happens that a person goes to a test thinking they are bad at speaking but good at writing, but it turns out to be the opposite. Taking the test is very important. Besides the result in a French proficiency exam online, you get an understanding of what you already know well, what you do not know well, and can develop an effective study program. Passing the test is a psychological confirmation of your abilities. Passing the test is a step up in order to become better and stronger.

  • Testing is a boost of confidence

The process of learning any foreign language is divided into levels in order of increasing difficulty and increasing vocabulary. The level is determined by three criteria: reading and listening, speaking and writing. However, over time many people lose focus and need a little boost to continue their studies. TESTIZER offers exactly that - find out your level and see how much you have grown. It's quick and efficient, but it is also easy and fun! You only need to answer 11 out of 25 questions correctly in order to receive your certificate. This is not difficult as long as you are confident and goal-oriented.

So click the “Start test” button below and find out how well you know the language by taking the French proficiency test online!

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