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What is a sales manager certification exam?

Today, the sales manager is one of the most in-demand professions. At the same time, there are no unified standardized requirements for this specialty. As a result, there are difficulties for both applicants and employers. The former are not clear on how to provide information about themselves: their experience and education, and the latter are not clear how much this experience indicates a sales manager's qualifications.

A sales certificate program can significantly ease the task for both sides. Sellers, having the certificate in their hands, will have some kind of proof of their skills, and employers will be sure that they hire a person with specific skills.

So to prove your skills as a sales manager, and stand out from the competition, you can get a certification. TESTIZER allows you to do this quickly and right from the comfort of your home.

The exams are designed to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you pass the test successfully (you need to score at least 14 out of 25 points to complete the test) you will receive a certificate that will confirm your professional skills.

Are you a sales manager who is ready to prove your sales experience? Then take the sales manager exam on TESTIZER and get a certificate right now!

Sales manager certificate

Why get a sales manager certification?

When you receive the certificate, you can show a potential employer that you are suited to work in sales divisions and that you are a specialist who can plan your actions to achieve important goals. Given the company's size, the employees' job functions are defined, which are different in each case. On the basis of these form the requirements for salespeople, which then indicate in the resume. The standard range of responsibilities of a sales manager is as follows:

  • Attracting new customers;
  • Maintaining the level of sales on an active customer base;
  • Drawing up reports;
  • Processing of orders with the execution of appropriate documents;
  • Promotion of the company's products;
  • Boosting declining sales;
  • Informing customers of new prices.


TESTIZER checks that you have all that is necessary to be a successful sales manager. The certificate you receive can be printed out and made part of your CV or posted on your social networks. What you do with it is up to you.

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Benefits of sales manager certification practice test


The sales management certificate program is a way to take off the market pseudo-professionals who promise a lot, but do little.


Sales manager certification makes it easier to find a professional analyst. All TESTIZER certificates contain an ID number and a QR code that enable an institution or an employer to verify the certificate.


Sales manager certification encourages the growth of knowledge: each expert will learn faster if certification becomes a kind of initiation into the ranks of real professionals.


A sales manager certificate provides status. A company with a team of certified sales managers can proudly declare to the whole market that their employees are the best of the best.


Sales manager certification propels market development. Only collective decisions and large-scale processes help the market to develop quickly and form clear criteria for quality evaluation. Nothing good will come out if everyone is on their own.


A sales manager certificate is part of a great resume. This is an advantage to the portfolio, which can play an important role in the hiring process.

Why do you need a sales manager certificate?

Sales are one of the largest sectors of the global economy. Retail and wholesale. B2B and B2C. Trade in the services and the goods. And every year this market is growing more and more convincingly.

A sales manager is one of the few professions where hard skills and soft skills should be present in equal measure. A salesman can learn scripts and algorithms, and know everything about the company and the product, but if something goes wrong in a conversation with a client, without creativity and the ability to gently induce a purchase there will be no result.

As is to be expected, in recent years, this already popular profession has been enriched by housewives who have decided to return to their careers, professionals in other jobs who have decided to change their career paths, and young managers. The applicants who entered the field of sales accidentally, out of despair, on the principle of “challenging themselves” have not disappeared either.

Unfortunately, depressing statistics suggest that half of these “recruits” will not even be able to survive in a new place for a trial period. Traditionally, the profession has a lot of “burned out” specialists who overestimated their strength or underestimated the working conditions in the field of active sales.

In fact, it turns out that employees involved in sales have a simple lack of professional knowledge. Most specialists working in sales do not have specialized education, so a diploma is of secondary importance in the field. The main thing is knowledge and skills, practical experience, and recommendations from colleagues.

Despite the fact that there is no unified professional standard for sales managers in the world - there are only many narrowly focused, industry-specific standards - the most successful members of the profession know exactly that their success is the result of strict adherence to rules and standards.

The certificate is more of an addition, but not the main factor. However, statistics show that by getting a sales manager certificate you significantly improve your professional status in the eyes of the employer. A certificate helps companies properly assess the level of knowledge and skills of the candidate, in order to hire only those who are able to solve problems and achieve the set goal.

Fortunately, by obtaining certification you can prove that you possess:

  • Negotiating skills;
  • Networking skills;
  • Persuasive skills;
  • Teamwork skills;
  • Customer orientation;
  • Self-control and self-organization;
  • Emotional intelligence (empathy);
  • Ethics in relation to former employers, colleagues, and clients;
  • Stress-resistance;
  • Desire for self-improvement.


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