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After passing the Spanish CEFR test on TESTIZER you will get the result from A1 to C2:

A1: Nivel Elemental - You will start at this level without any knowledge of the language, but you will soon become familiar with the basic structures such as the Spanish alphabet, the articles, and your first words. By the end of the level, you will know how to communicate in everyday, uncomplicated situations such as shopping, ordering food in a restaurant, introducing yourself, and being able to talk a little about yourself and your hobbies.
A2: Nivel Preintermedio - It is a very important and meaningful step on your way to intermediate Spanish. At this level, you can already understand the most common phrases/expressions and communicate more fluently in everyday situations (e.g. describing yourself, your work, hobbies, health, and other non-difficult topics in more detail). From a grammatical point of view, you are already able to use the present tense (presente), the three past tenses (pretérito simple, perfecto and imperfecto), and the future tense (futuro). This means you can talk about events that have already happened or your plans for the future. Your speech is getting even richer and more interesting.
B1: Nivel Intermedio - At the end of this level, you will feel at home in Spain or Latin America, knowing how to react easily to the stress and strains of everyday life. You will have no problem communicating with native speakers on topics you are familiar with, expressing your opinions, your wishes, and plans, explaining what happened to you, as well as asserting your point of view, no matter how important. Typically, students reach this level after 8-10 months of studying.
B2: Nivel Intermedio-Superior - People who have completed B2 level are able to communicate with native speakers fluently, without effort on their part, using in their speech all grammatical structures and forms. They are also able to understand the main topics of complex or abstract texts. This is the most fruitful stage in the study of the language, which allows the student not only to communicate with native speakers but also to watch movies in the original, read books and press, and always understand the main idea of difficult conversations or texts.
C1: Nivel Avanzado - To reach the C1 level you need to work long and hard. This is the level of professional language skills: fluent, without straining or searching for the necessary word or expression. C1 is the level of a well-educated speaker, when the speech is beautiful and enjoyable for the natives. With C1 level you can use the language in different situations, from conversation to business communication and correspondence, and with furthermore, this level obliges you to understand complicated texts requiring special preparation.
C2: Nivel Avanzado-Superior - It is the highest level of Spanish and very few people are able to reach it. At this level, you understand 100% of written and spoken language of all possible styles: conversational, business, technical, etc., you communicate fluently and in a way closest to native speakers. You are able to communicate as if it were your mother tongue and can distinguish the smallest details of difficult stylistic constructions.
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Spanish language proficiency certificate

How to get an online Spanish certificate?

Everyone who studies Spanish at least once thought about getting a certificate confirming their proficiency. If you are one of such people, nothing prevents you from trying your hand at a free Spanish test right now!

The certificate has no expiration date. This is an official document with a signature. You can print your certificate or post it on any social network. You can use this certificate to confirm your level of Spanish proficiency when entering the university or make it a part of your portfolio when applying for a job.

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Benefits of an online Spanish test

It’s easy
It’s easy
You can take our free Spanish test as many times as you want.
It’s accurate
It’s accurate
The test shows your competence in Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
It’s objective
It’s objective
The results of the CEFR Spanish test online are processed by a computer program, which eliminates any human errors.
It’s high-quality
It’s high-quality
The test was created by methodologists and specialists with Linguistics degrees. Every TESTIZER certificate contains a number and a QR code that enable an organization or an employer to verify the certificate's legitimacy.

Why do you need to take an online Spanish test with a certificate?

Test is experience
Test is experience

Tests measure our ability to pass intelligence tests, not intelligence itself. The same applies to Spanish language tests - they measure our ability to take Spanish language tests! If, for example, you are preparing for a Spanish proficiency exam, taking a test beforehand is excellent practice. Whether it's a school exam, college diploma, or independent language exam (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), it's always important to prepare in advance by passing as many Spanish language tests as possible. At the end of the TESTIZER test, you will immediately see your result.

Test is learning
Test is learning

Our memory works in such a way that you recall vocabulary and grammatical constructions that you may have once known. If you remember them during the Spanish language certification online, they will stay with you forever! Thus, the Spanish certification test is an effective method of learning, because you test and refresh your skills. You get immediate results and feedback on which skills you need to improve.

Test is fun
Test is fun

Who doesn't like a challenge? TESTIZER offers the best free Spanish certification exams. It's fast and efficient, as well as easy and fun! To get a certificate, you only need to answer 25 questions. It's not difficult if you are confident and focused on the result.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the "Start test" button and test your Spanish!

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